Sun Plane



Coopers Sun Plane Chapin Stephens Co



Circa: mid to late 1800’s

This is a very nice, clean, and useable Sun plane or leveling plane, generally used for leveling the surfaces of the wood barrels. The 2″ wide cutter is marked “THE CHAPIN – STEPHENS CO. PINE MEADOW CONN. U.S.A.” and appears to have been adapted for use on this plane, as the mark is a bit offset on the cutter. The cutter is sharp and in very good condition overall, with a skew angle cutting egde that matchs the angle of the bed of the plane. This plane is one of several planes that we purchased as a set of cooper’s tools used for deminstation of the cooper’s trade at antique shows as late as 1980. The bed of the plane is not marked by any maker, but has a “241” mark at the toe. The bottom side of the plane is good, some minor wear and scratches, a few stress cracks noted, but the wedge can be tightened up with no problem to hold the cutter for use. The top side of the bed also has some stress cracks in the wood, again, no problem with use. Some dings, and small chips noted, but overall a very nice cooper’s plane! It measure 14″ long from corner to corner, and is 3″ wide. A rather hard to find plane these days!